Bicycle Accident Lawsuit Attorneys

Bicycle Accident Lawsuit Attorneys
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Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer

If you are a bicyclist, you may know that most bicycle accidents happen in a crosswalk. Bicyclists have the same legal rights, whether in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk. When a vehicle turning into a crosswalk is not aware of a bicyclist and a bicycle accident injury occurs, an attorney skilled in bicycle accident law may be necessary to help you file an insurance claim. That’s where Petersen Johnson steps in.

Do you have a bicycle accident injury? Our lawyers protect your rights, help you recover lost wages, pay medical bills and get compensation for pain and suffering.

We will protect your rights and work with the insurance companies to recover any lost damages associated with the accident. Insurance companies are in the business to make money and may not offer as much as you deserve. We will fight hard to make sure you receive a fair and reasonable settlement.

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If you don’t have medical insurance, don’t worry. The attorneys at Petersen Johnson will find you medical professionals who will treat you and wait for payment until your case settles. We will investigate your bicycle accident injury and work directly with the insurance company to relieve your stress so you can focus on feeling better and getting healthy.

No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact Petersen Johnson to discuss your situation and evaluate your options. Our attorneys are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to answer your questions. Contact us any time.

If you are in the Phoenix area and think you may need a personal injury attorney to help with your claim, set up a free consultation with Petersen Johnson right away.

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