Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer

Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer
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Last year, 5,220 pedestrians were killed in the United States in traffic accidents, and another 69,000 were injured.

If you were a pedestrian and have been hit by a car in the Phoenix-metro area, call us. Our lawyers will investigate your pedestrian accident and take care of your case while you heal.

Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers

At Petersen Johnson, we are trained to investigate your pedestrian accident injury, obtain all of the facts, interview witnesses and work directly with the insurance so you can focus on healing. Insurance companies exist to make money. They have no interest in making sure you are fairly compensated. We DO have interest in seeking the maximum settlement for your injuries.

Remember, you are protected by Arizona law as a pedestrian. Drivers who hit a pedestrian are not let off-the-hook simply because the victim was not driving a car. Know your rights and know we are here to help.

If you are a pedestrian who has been hit by an automobile, contact Petersen Johnson to discuss your situation and evaluate your options.

If you are in the Phoenix area and think you may need a personal injury attorney to help with your claim, set up a free consultation with Petersen Johnson right away.

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