Personal Injury Litigation Attorney

Personal Injury Litigation Attorney
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Personal Injury Litigation

Litigating your case means filing a lawsuit and using court procedures to resolve your dispute. This is necessary if the insurance company will not make an acceptable settlement offer. We have a fully staffed litigation department that will take the following steps to help get you what you are entitled to:

  1. File a Complaint:
    This initiates a lawsuit. The lawsuit is not against the insurance company, but it is obligated to hire an attorney to represent the defendant and pay any award.
  2. Serve the Lawsuit:
    After the Complaint is filed with the court, we deliver it to the defendant. This is called “service of process” or “serving the lawsuit.”
  3. Discover and Prepare for Trial:
    The defense attorneys will investigate you and we will investigate the defendants. Both sides will look into disclosure statements, interrogatories, depositions and independent medical examinations.
  4. Go to Trial:
    In Maricopa County, there are two ways of resolving lawsuits: a traditional jury trial or arbitration.

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