Premises Liability Law

Premises Liability Law
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As personal injury lawyers, we are dedicated to protecting your rights when you have been injured as the result of an accident. A person who owns land or premises is responsible for certain injuries suffered by people visiting the property. This includes people who have been invited to the property (such as customers in a department store or a guest to your home). If the owner of the premise is aware of trespassers, he/she may be obligated to take care of their safety.

Owners are usually charged with clearing public sidewalks in front of their premises and maintaining their premises so it does not pose a danger to members of the public who are passing by on a public street or sidewalk.

The following are scenarios where a premise owner may be held liable for an injury:

  • Someone slips and falls on the premise
  • Someone is a victim of a crime on the premise
  • Someone is injured at your home

Arizona is full of shopping and strip malls. Owners must make sure sidewalks are clear, ATMs have proper security, and sprinklers and escape routes are clearly marked. These are just a few examples of how premises liability injury law may impact you.

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