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Private Property Injury

If you are injured on someone else’s property, they might be responsible for your medical costs, lost wages or other damages. But how do you know if the owner of that property is responsible for your injuries? If they are responsible, how can you make sure you are fully compensated?

What is the Legal Definition of Personal …Continue Reading »

what to do after a car accident

Traffic accidents happen all the time throughout Arizona. Chances are that you will be involved in a car accident at some point in your lifetime. It may be nothing more than a minor “fender bender” or it could be a serious accident.Many of these are caused by negligence or another driver not paying appropriate attention. …Continue Reading »

rear-end collision fault

If you’ve been the victim in a rear-end collision or accused of being at fault in a one, it’s important to understand your rights under Arizona law.

This post will talk about some of the key things you need to know about rear-end collisions. It will spell out the process for navigating the Arizona insurance and …Continue Reading »

Auto Insurance Signing

If you’ve been in a car accident recently, you want to give serious consideration to ensuring your physical and financial health. Insurance companies may encourage you to settle any claims quickly on their terms. But remember, you do not have to settle quickly or under their terms.

Arizona law protects you from unfair claims or settlements. So whether …Continue Reading »

Rolled over Car Accident

20 May
Rollover Car Accidents

Although incredibly rare, rollover car accidents are some of the most dangerous and legally complicated types of accidents that can occur. Most cases are caused by what is called “tripping”, which is when one car pushes another into a guardrail or median that flips the car. In some cases, there could be a manufacturing defect in …Continue Reading »

Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Personal Injury Protection insurance policies, commonly referred to as PIP insurance, is a portion of some insurance policies that protects you and passengers in your vehicle. The policy will cover medical expenses and work loss in the event of an accident no matter who was at fault. Typically, PIP Insurance is recommended for people who frequently have …Continue Reading »


Being involved in an accident is terrifying and can lead to serious injury, and as a pedestrian it can be especially painful, if not life threatening. Being completely exposed upon impact can lead to severe injuries, and if the person is lucky to not be severely injured, there will more than likely be some sort of …Continue Reading »

Pedestrian at fault pedestrian accident

Being injured in an accident is a terrible experience, and its even worse if the insurance company offers a settlement that is less than what you need. As a victim, what can you do? One answer is to go straight to court, but that can be time consuming and expensive; but a great alternative is to …Continue Reading »

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

In 2016, more than 1400 Arizona pedestrians were injured in accidents, and sadly, 147 individuals lost their lives while walking in Arizona. Our state is one of the country’s worst for pedestrian accidents. Naturally, there are many reasons for these accidents ranging from distractions to poor driver habits, and poor pedestrian caution. Arizona authorities have …Continue Reading »

how are pedestrians responsible for car accidents

The barometer for measuring whether a pedestrian’s actions caused a car accident is the word “unreasonable”. In other words, pedestrians are almost never the cause of a motor vehicle crash. Yet, when a pedestrian behaves in an unreasonable way and that unreasonable action causes a car accident, the barometer swings toward being a pedestrian-caused incident.

With …Continue Reading »

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