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Everyday you hear about accidents involving pedestrians. The reason is because people are often careless about where they’re walking. They’re not mindful of their surroundings, they think that cars are always going to stop to give them the right of way, and some people just plain think they’re invincible. But people aren’t invincible and that’s …Continue Reading »

10 Jun
What Makes a Store Liable?

Slip and fall accidents happen to many people. When this happens in your home you have no one to blame but yourself. But what happens when it occurs in or near a store, and who’s responsible for your injuries then?

Experiencing a slip and fall accident at home is often less detrimental than one outside of your …Continue Reading »

If you’re charged with a crime and you’re facing court, there are many things you need to be mindful of if you hope to beat the charge, or receive a lesser charge.

A criminal trial is held in front of a jury. That means you’re going to be judged on how you look, how you present …Continue Reading »

Nobody expects to get into a car accident, yet they happen each and every day. It can happen when you’re on your way to and from work; it can happen on the way to church and it can even happen while you’re stopped at a stop light.

When that other car slams into you, the whole …Continue Reading »

You’ve probably heard of staged accidents, or seen them on television or in movies, but did you realize they really do happen?

Here’s the scenario: You’re driving along, everything seems to be ok, but then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a car crashes into you in a parking lot. Perhaps the damage doesn’t appear …Continue Reading »

You’re in Arizona driving along, when all of a sudden a car comes out of nowhere and slams into you. You get out, call the police and exchange information. Soon, the insurance company contacts you and they want to settle.

Wow, you can’t get over how quickly this happens.

Why would the insurance company want to settle …Continue Reading »

When you’re involved in a car accident, there are many injuries that can occur.

One type of injury that is very common as a result of a car accident is a soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injury refers to an injury to those parts of your body that don’t involve bones. These are generally bruises, strains, …Continue Reading »

Absolutely not. We offer a service designed to reduce your stress and maximize your settlement, but how is Petersen Johnson different from the others?

Our first goal is to address your injuries and ensure you receive proper medical treatment.  We can even help to get you in quickly, typically the same day. Any doctor we suggest …Continue Reading »

We know it doesn’t rain much in the Valley, but when it does, it really pours.  These two tips for driving in the rain have been going around our office and we thought you might find them helpful.

One driving method was told to a member of our team by a police friend who had experienced …Continue Reading »

Surely you’ve heard and seen advertising for personal injury attorneys announcing that they “won’t get paid until you get paid.” That’s pretty standard in the industry, but what ISN’T standard in the industry is how much Petersen Johnson charges you.

It’s true we work on a contingency fee, which means we only receive payment if we …Continue Reading »

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