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Accident Injury Blog
Collision Report Form

There are many reasons why you might need a copy of the police report from an auto accident. For example, you will need to provide the car accident report it to your personal injury attorney if you want to make a car accident claim. Your car insurance company will also want a copy of the …Continue Reading »

Common Car Accident Injury Symptoms

When you are in a car accident, you may not realize the extent of your injuries immediately after the crash. Your body does an amazing job of protecting you in the moments and hours following this very intense shock to the system, by flooding your system with adrenaline and endorphins to block pain.

As the adrenaline …Continue Reading »

Do i need a personal injury lawyer after my car accident

Car accidents happen every day. Chances are you’ll experience at least one in your lifetime. But when it happens, will you know what to do? Will you need a car accident lawyer?

If you’ve been involved in an accident, or have been injured in some way, you can often be struck with a feeling of isolation. …Continue Reading »

Private Property Injury

If you are injured on someone else’s property, they might be responsible for your medical costs, lost wages or other damages. But how do you know if the owner of that property is responsible for your injuries? If they are responsible, how can you make sure you are fully compensated?

What is the Legal Definition of Personal …Continue Reading »

rear-end collision fault

If you’ve been the victim in a rear-end collision or accused of being at fault in a one, it’s important to understand your rights under Arizona law.

This post will talk about some of the key things you need to know about rear-end collisions. It will spell out the process for navigating the Arizona insurance and …Continue Reading »

Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Personal Injury Protection insurance policies, commonly referred to as PIP insurance, is a portion of some insurance policies that protects you and passengers in your vehicle. The policy will cover medical expenses and work loss in the event of an accident no matter who was at fault. Typically, PIP Insurance is recommended for people who frequently have …Continue Reading »

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

In 2016, more than 1400 Arizona pedestrians were injured in accidents, and sadly, 147 individuals lost their lives while walking in Arizona. Our state is one of the country’s worst for pedestrian accidents. Naturally, there are many reasons for these accidents ranging from distractions to poor driver habits, and poor pedestrian caution. Arizona authorities have …Continue Reading »

how are pedestrians responsible for car accidents

The barometer for measuring whether a pedestrian’s actions caused a car accident is the word “unreasonable”. In other words, pedestrians are almost never the cause of a motor vehicle crash. Yet, when a pedestrian behaves in an unreasonable way and that unreasonable action causes a car accident, the barometer swings toward being a pedestrian-caused incident.

With …Continue Reading »

Man with a leg injury

“Were you hurt?” is usually the first question you are asked when you tell someone about your automobile accident. Depending on the type of vehicles involved, the speed the cars were traveling, and many other variables, injuries go hand in hand with car collisions. When you are hurt in an accident and perhaps cannot work right …Continue Reading »

If you can illustrate that someone else’s negligence is the cause of the accident in which you sustained life altering injuries, Arizona personal injury law empowers you to file a legal claim.

Our car accident injury lawyers at Petersen Johnson will look to a number of sources to help you determine who was at fault for …Continue Reading »

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