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HEAL: The Happy Ever After League Supports Mothers Battling Cancer

I became an attorney because I wanted to fight for the underdog. Helping good people go up against insurance companies has helped me do just that.

Now we want to start making a difference, with your help, in other areas of people’s lives.

Each month we’ll tell you about a resource, event or organization that is doing good things in the community — one that we have supported. This first time (here) we’ll tell you about an organization we have supported for more than 10 years: HEAL.

But for the months ahead we’ll count on you to nominate the events and causes.

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This month’s cause. . .

Happily Ever After League (HEAL) is a local Arizona non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was founded in 2004. Their mission is to provide support for mothers living in Arizona who are recovering from any type of cancer with at least one dependent child living at home.

HEAL offers a variety of programs that provide financial assistance and food year-round, as well as additional support during the holidays.

Our donation of $1,000 was part of many generous donations that helped 89 children have a happier holiday by paying for food and gifts they otherwise would not have received.

We have supported HEAL for the past 10 years and Brad Johnson, a partner in our firm, has served as an adviser to HEAL’s board for much of that time.

If You or Someone You Know Needs Help

HEAL helps mothers with any type of cancer in active treatment, whether single or married, with at least one dependent child living at home. The greatest need of each mom is determined by the recipient and a HEAL staff member. HEAL can help with:

• Grocery Costs
• Gas/Travel Costs
• Utility Expenses
• Medical Costs

To apply for assistance call (480) 275-0613 or email:

How You Can Help

Volunteer your time to help with events, fundraising or light maintenance at the HEAL House,

Volunteer your money or services. You can make a donation on the website ( or email

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