Knowing the Difference Between Lawyers

Absolutely not. We offer a service designed to reduce your stress and maximize your settlement, but how is Petersen Johnson different from the others?

Our first goal is to address your injuries and ensure you receive proper medical treatment.  We can even help to get you in quickly, typically the same day. Any doctor we suggest will wait for payment until after your case settles.  There is no need for a co-payment or funds to meet your deductible.

Secondly, we work to take away your burden and stress.  Because we have over 60 years of experience, many of us have been in your place and walked in your shoes. We’ve been down the same road and have empathy for how you’re feeling.  This enables us to work diligently on your behalf and fight the big, bureaucratic insurance agencies while you concentrate on healing and feeling better.

Finally, we don’t think about month end, quarter end, or year end when it comes to settling your case.  We work to maximize the amount of your settlement in a timely manner.  We are on your side.

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