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Phoenix Arizona Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer
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Do you or someone you know now have serious injuries to cope with after an accident? If so, you need a lawyer to help you once you receive medical attention.
At Petersen Johnson, we can help you with your legal claim. We can serve as your representative with any involved insurance companies, help you find specialists for your injury treatment, hire expert witnesses to detail how your injuries will affect your life, and fight for compensation for you in settlement or court. Any delay in filing your slip and fall injury claim can jeopardize your right to recover from your losses.
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Phoenix, Arizona Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and fall injuries happen much more often than you might think and despite the negative connotation that is often connected to this kind of legal action, many of the injuries associated with slip and fall accidents are quite severe and can impact a victim for many years.
Thousands of individuals are severely hurt or killed every year in slip and fall accidents, and if this has happened to you, you need to consult with an experienced Phoenix, Arizona slip, and fall injury attorney to identify your rights as soon as possible. Learn more about some of the more common statistics associated with slip and fall accidents, as well as the different scenarios in which a slip and fall injury can occur. Identifying the negligent parties when you have been hurt in an accident is extremely important, as is hiring a knowledgeable Phoenix, Arizona slip and fall injury lawyer to help you.
You have to be able to illustrate not only that a dangerous condition existed, but that the property owner had a responsibility to be aware of it and failed to fix it. When a situation like this causes severe injuries, Arizona personal injury law allows the victim to file suit. A lawsuit like this may be your only chance to recover the compensation you need to start fresh after a big injury. If you’re trying to cope with a TBI or other severe medical problem, your willingness to talk to a lawyer is important.
According to research from the National Safety Council and the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
More than 1 million Americans suffer significant injuries from slip and fall incidents, in the United States every year.
More than 17000 people suffer fatal injuries every year from slip and fall accidents.
Slip and fall incidents are behind the deaths of more workers than any other accidental cause of death in the workplace.
A slip and fall injury on average cost the injured victim approximately $30,000.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Phoenix, Arizona

Did you know that slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, but there are certain situations in which a person’s risk of slip and fall injury is much higher? These include:

  • At home
  • At retail outlets
  • In the workplace
  • At a sporting event
  • In a crowded public location
  • At a musical concert
  • At the business of someone else
  • In icy conditions
  • At someone else’s home

What You Need to Know About Negligence in Arizona Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Whether or not you were approved to be on the property at the time of the injury, has a significant impact in defining negligence in an Arizona slip and fall case. If you were at your place of work and fell because of the presence of a hazardous or dangerous condition, then an injured employee could have two legal options, including pursuing a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury claim for negligence.
If you were injured on someone else’s property and you were not there as an employee, the first question that must be answered by your Arizona slip and fall injury attorney is whether or not you were entitled to be on the property and the legal status attached to your injuries.

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Legal Status for Premises Liability Cases in AZ

There are 3 primary types of legal status for Arizona slip and fall injuries. These include:

  • Licensee: An individual who is invited on to someone else’s property for non-business purposes, such as a party or other social occasion. A licensee is entitled to protection from dangerous conditions or must be warned about these conditions if they exist.
  • Invitee: An individual who is, through implied consent or expressly, invited onto another person’s property for business purposes. This individual is to be afforded a high level of protection from the possessor of the property, including the right to be protected from dangerous conditions or warned about them when they exist.
  • Trespasser: An individual who enters someone else’s property without permission and is therefore not owed any degree of protection from dangerous conditions. There are certain exceptions however, and these should be reviewed carefully with an experienced Phoenix, Arizona slip and fall injury attorney.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are a serious problem and some of the most common injuries associated with these accidents include:

  • Broken bones
  • TBIs
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Fractures
  • Cuts

Getting medical attention as soon as possible after being hurt in a slip and fall accident is important. Gathering the relevant evidence like contact information for witnesses and pictures of the scene of the accident could be important for developing your legal case.
Consulting with a knowledgeable slip and fall injury attorney at Petersen Johnson is a crucial component of protecting your legal rights and moving forward with the necessary help to file an injury claim.

If you are in the Phoenix area and think you may need a personal injury attorney to help with your claim, set up a free consultation with Petersen Johnson right away.

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